Welcome to Premier Scouts

We are a service dedicated to aiding youth development within the football world and we have setup this site that allows scouts, managers and players to access to a large online community. When your players register to our service it allows them to create a profile in order to advertise themselves to all pre registered scouts from academies up and down the country.

Advertise your player to scouts

This service is also designed to keep an online history of playing statistics for your players and allows managers to add their ratings to the games and gives an opportunity for managers to give a confidential opinion of how you believe the player performed within the game and also the overall progress of the player.

Keep up to date with your players progress

We are also looking to develop a management interactive tool that will allow you to input details of the players progression and will aid your ability to identify potential areas of weakness that could be developed in order to create a more well rounded player.

Provide anonymous game feedback

We are dedicated to aiding the identification of talented young players in order to progress their football careers and therefore we need your help, if one of your players is registered you can provide confidential information regarding the players performance such as how you think the player performed, did the team play well together etc. This helps give credibility to the scouts who constantly looking for fresh talent which may come from your team.

Keep an online history of the teams performance

Update our service weekly regarding game results and you can keep an online history of your teams performance over any given period, compare these against last season or advertise your performance to scouts across the country, the possibilities are infinite.