Welcome to the player area of
Premier Scouts

In this you will find a range of tools that you will have access to upon successful registration, Create a profile, Chat to friends, advertise yourself to scouts. This service will allow you to create your very own profile page with picture uploads, information about yourself, hobbies being played, past achievements. These are only a few examples of what you would have access to in order to advertise yourself to scouts from across the UK. The most important tool we offer is that you keep an online record of your playing statistics through your entire youth career.

Keep track of your fixtures

Premier Scouts gives you access to an online fixture diary where you can add personalised info such as the date of a game, address and time. This will be given to scouts if they choose to come and watch you play so ensure it is correct and up to date.

Rate your game

Premier Scouts allows you to use our unique game rating tool that allows you to give an opinion of how you played in the game, your biggest contribution and many other things. We also offer you the ability to give an honest rating on your performance in the game. This information will be stored in order to give you an online playing history that all scouts can have access to.

Manager feedback for scouts

This service also allows your manager to give a rating of your performance and give an opinion on how you played. This is completely free of charge for a manager to register and remember scouts will look at this information so please encourage your manager to sign up to.

Chat to your friends in the sporting world

Organise a training session, comment on a game or just generally chat, Premier Scouts allows you to communicate to your team mates and many others registered within the football community. So get in touch with football world and sign up with Premier Scouts today.