Welcome to Premier Scouts

We aim to build up a comprehensive national database of youth players aged between Under 6 to Under 16s for which you could have free access to. This service has been setup in order to aid your ability in potentially identifying players of all ages up and down the country. When the player registers we allow them to create a profile consisting of personal data, playing career, positions played, achievements and many other attributes that will allow you to filter your search results. Most importantly this service is designed to give a game by game rating of the player which if the manager is registered with us will be provided by himself in order to give more credibility to the results.
This service is completely free of your charge to yourselves, however for security purpose we will check on every registration prior to giving you access to our national database of players.

View players sporting histories

From game performances to other sports played, premierscouts offers the player to create a profile that advertises themselves in a number of different ways. This will help you to gain a better understanding of the player and allow a more informed decision to be made as to whether or not to pursue an individual.

Gain instant access to a large database of young players

Our service allows you to have instant access to a large database of young players from around the country and your local area. The information provided ranges from playing statistics from the players and feedback from the managers in order to give you a comprehensive outlook of the player. Our service aims to keep all information up to date and also to keep an online record of the players youth career from start to finish.

Find a Player in your area

Our service allows you to identify a player through a customised search function which can be used to find an individual through a number of techniques such as new players moving into your area, attributes of the player, average manager rating.

Contact managers instantly

Interested in a player, want to find out more. Then you can through our email system that allows you to send a message directly to the players manager provided they are registered with us. Ask them absolutely anything about the player in order for you to gain a better understanding of the individuals performance etc